Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuxedo Card

When I saw a version of this card, knew I had to try one. A tuxedo is part of my life with all the limousine drivers that I work with, this was just a natural.

Wanted to make the card match the ribbon dress card that I finished, that is why we there is the pink accents on the card. Used brads instead of buttons for the studs. Rolled the collar to give more dimension and used smalled brads for the buttons on the collar.

Was going to make a paper bow tie, but just didn't look right so 7/8" pink ribbon was my choice.
My "SO" always has a hankie in this tuxedo pocket so this really made it personal, although his is usually red. This is one of my favorite cards and can't wait for a birthday to give it away.
Thanks for stopping by today, keep smiling.


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