Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wayne Newton

Billy and I were able to check out the "Midnight Idol's" show last night. Gayle one of Billy's long time friends called to see if we would like to see the show. I had seen his show years and years ago when he was at the Frontier (which has been torn down and replaced by the Trump Towers). His show was at the MGM and believe it or not even though I have lived in Vegas for for 50 years, I had never been to a show at the new MGM Hotel, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to see a legend. We don't go to the strip very often, even though we both work in the transportation industry, you would think we would take in the sites more often, not true, as a resident you try to stay away from the strip as much as possible.

We met some other lady friends of Gayle's, Billy was the only gentlemen, so he was a little overwhelmed but handled the situation very well, I wouldn't have expected anything different. The show was great, lots of "oldie" but "goodie" songs. Wayne played the piano, guitar, fiddle (incredible), and the banjo.

After the show we went to have a bite to eat and walked around in a circle, literally, to find the Studio Cafe. The MGM is huge and we went in the wrong direction, finally found the resturant after taking the long way around. We spent time talking and laughing with friends, which we just don't do enough of, everyone is so busy in their lives it seems we just don't take the time to spend it with our friends. All in all we had a very nice time, thanks Gayle for asking us to see a marvelous show and especially to spend time with you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adam's Birthday Card

Can't believe it is almost May and Adam's birthday (Grandson). He is into duck hunting and of course always needs money, that is why a money card was the only way to go for his birthday.

The tutorial from Dawns Stamping Thoughts was so easy to follow and the results were awesome for Adam, check it out here.

Let me know what you think, have a great day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Recipe Book

It seems that everyone has a recipe box or books. My books are numerous when I'm ready to try a new recipe, I flip through the books and try to remember which ones I have used and Billy has stated it is a "keeper". When checking out Amazing Paper Grace, Becca had a tutorial for a recipe book, a light went off in my head and I thought this might be the perfect way for me to organize those recipes. I don't have all the tools that Becca lists, so it is necessary to try and use what is on hand in my craft room. This was a fun and easy project, it would make a great gift for a bride-to-be.

Friday, April 24, 2009


My grandson, Kevin, decided he was going to try football. Once I saw the movie "Leatherheads," couldn't resist giving these scrapbook pages a nostalgic look. The pictures were printed at Wal-Mart using one of there special borders. I have the original Sizzix die cut machine and used the Fun Serif Alphabet Set. (Just got a new Big Shot and can't wait to try all the new dies.) Kevin hasn't seen this page yet, but I'm in hopes that he will like it. He is 14 and also enjoys scrapbooking, he has learned more about his heritageby creating his own scrapbook.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christmas Quilt

You are probably asking yourself, "what are you talking about?" Well here is the story. While taking care of my mother in Utah, my sister and I did alot of quilt tops, this happen to be one of them. We had them already to put on the quilt machine, but I moved back to Vegas. Kay decided to quilt one of the tops for Christmas, but we didn't see each other until just a couple of weeks ago when I went for a visit. She had completed it, except for the binding. Once home, my goal was to finish the quilt. It will be the focal point of my guest room that we are redoing.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This can be addictive, I've changed the layout at least a half dozen times already. The picture on the header was taken last year, my aunt has a beautiful backyard and I thought it might be a great header. Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Simple card to make using my cutting system from Creative Memories and add a brad at the top so the card can be opened. Used Creative Memories stickers to add the sentiment.

Spring is in the Air

Las Vegas doesn't really have a spring, last week believe it or not there was a little snow, today it is hot. Decided yesterday to paint the guest room, in hopes that we would have company sometime this summer. Next step is to put down new flooring. Will be working on some cards also, my grandson Adam has a birthday coming up, when I complete the money cards, I'll share it with everyone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

You can Do It

This may not be the best blog, but it is a work in progress. Pictures of projects that I have will coming your way, hope that will enjoy seeing what I have been up to in my spare time. Know that it will be in the future but will try to give supply lists for the projects.
Second day of blogging still trying to learn how this whole thing works.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is my first time blogging and have no idea was to do, I guess it just seems too easy.


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