Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mason's Mammoth Birthday Card

Kevin (my grandson) was able to come and spend some time with me again on Wednesday, and was able to talk with his cousin Mason on Webcam. They talked for awhile and then Kevin informed Mason it was time for him to go to "work," Kevin is only 14 and doesn't have a job. Mason was very puzzled with that comment, but accepted it and their conversation ended.

What Kevin meant was that he had to start working on Mason's Birthday Card, it is mammoth, lol. Mason is an artist and I had some of his drawings on a cd, so Kevin's idea was to print his artwork and put it on a card. He wanted to use all 12 pictures, so my only suggestion was an accordion card. We almost ran out of background cardstock, but we cheated a little on the last page, I messed up with the measurements so it had to be pieced, but don't think Mason will mind. Kevin matted each drawing with a different shade of blue and then added a brad in two of the corners to add interest. Once the card was completed he added a sentiment on the front that said "Live Life" (this was embossed with silver, he really likes to emboss). On the last page he sign the card with "Your #1 Fan."

We know that Mason will be totally surprised with this card.

Kevin's next project is a gift for his Mom, he will be working on that this week, it shoud be fun!

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