Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Being a new member of Gingersnap Creations I was totally intrigued by this challenge, Wonder Women. The cards that inspired me are wonderful and I wanted to make a card as a tribute to my mother. My mother grew up on a farm and worked in the fields, she would tell the stories of working in the sugar beets pulling weeds and milking the cows. The whole family was very talented, all ten. Mom and Aunt Sophia were not only dancers but singers also. They performed at all types of events and functions around their home town.

My mother had told me for years that there was a picture of her in a dance costume out there some where, but we could never find the original, until about 3 years ago, one of her 5 sisters had it in a scrapbook and let me make copies, it meant the world to me and my mother was excited to think that we finally located the picture. The picture featured on my card was taken in 1931, mom is 6 years old and even though the expression on her face doesn't show it, she loved to dance and sing, The Caras Girl's were asked to make special appearance at County and State Fairs.

My wonderful mother passed away in 2007, she taught both my sister and I to work with our hands and how to create handmade items, she was a very giving person and shared her creations with her immediate and extended family, my mothers legacy lives on everyday through us, our children and their children.
Didn't really know where to start on this card so I turned to Sharon Briss, she has come up with a really easy way to design a card using 6 steps, she calls it "Build an ATC Checklist:"
1. Select Background
2. Select a Focal Image
3. Create Texture
4. Add Verbiage ... or not
5. Location, location, location
6. Jazz it Up!
Shar as wonderful ideas and shares them with everyone, on her blog, take a moment to check it out here it is definetly well worth your precious time.
Thanks for stopping by today, hope you drop by often.


  1. Wow! What a sensational card, Suzie! I just loved reading the whole story behind the image. One of my favorite cards that I made for this challenge included a vintage pic of my mom. Thanks for all the kind words and I am inspired by all the wonderful artists around me every day! Thanks for playing the challenge. I really enjoy your art!

  2. This is a really meaningful project, Sue. It's a wonderful tribute to your mother and a fabulous piece of art you and your family can treasure.

  3. Sue, I love this card. I hope that when you get back to Utah you will help me make one too. Love Ya. Kay



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