Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kevin Makes Cards

Hope everyone had a Tuesday, mine was exceptional, I spent the day with my Grandson, Kevin. These types of days are few and far between now that he is 14 and is so busy with all his activities and school.

Kevin has always been creative, he started his own scrapbook when he was 9 years old. He has always been around crafting and loves handmade gifts. When I picked him up today, ask him how he wanted to spend the day, he said it didn't really matter. We checked out my blog that he had not seen and he decided he would like to make Father's Day cards.

This is the first card he made, pretty simple, he picked out all the colors and paper that he wanted to us. We added buttons on the collar and Happy Father's Day in the center of the tie.

He then felt pretty confident, so I showed him the card that Linda Duke had made that looked like a western shirt. This was the second card that he wanted to try as his stepfather loves western clothing. Kevin picked out the papers and wanted to accent the shirt with brown, he learned how to emboss and really thought that was great, said he couldn't stop feeling the texture from the ink,embossing powder and of course the heat gun. We couldn't find buttons to add to the shirt on such short notice, hence the cowboy boots and hats. Am sure that Brian is going to love this card, he does leather crafting himself, so he loves handmade items, and this will be even more special since Kevin made it for him.

Kevin also made stitches on the collar and lapel, but they are hard to see, as he made the stitches so tiny.

You can go to Linda Duke's blog here for a video tutorial, this was very helpful, we did have to make some adjustments, next time I will definetly make a proto type with less expensive paper, but we were under the gun to complete this card.

So I opened a can of worms and Kevin said he didn't do anything for his mothers for Mother's Day so we made this really quick project that he could take home to his stepmom. It is an acylic frame that is a post a note holder. Once again Kevin picked out the paper and found a picture that he could also add to the frame.

Next week he is going to come and see me again and we are going to make a special project for his Mom that I can take to her when we go to Utah the first of July.

All in all we had a great day, and I can't wait to spend more time with him. Next week he has all his projects planned out and we will be working on special birthday cards for his cousin Mason.

Hope that you enjoyed seeing Kevin's creations, as much as I enjoyed helping him with these cards.


  1. I would have to say that Brian will love his Fathers day card. I also want to Thank you for spending such quality time with my son. We miss him very much and can not wait to see him in July.

  2. I am jealous of my nephew that gets to make cards with his Grandma. I hope we get to see all of you very soon. Mom, you may want to make your font a little bigger. It will make it easier to read on older computers like mine.
    Love and miss you all,



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