Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cinema Saturday "Some Like It Hot"

PCP CinemaSaturday Challenge this week is "Some Like It Hot". What a great movie, it puts a smile on your face just thinking about the movie and the incredible actors.

When I saw this challenge it was necessary for me to take part. A few years ago when driving limousines, I had the privelege of driving Tony Curtis. I had always been a big fan, Tapeze was one of my favorite movies that he starred in, he is truly an actor and has starred in all types of movies, he can play a villian, sex symbol and even a women. I was so excited to think that I was actually going to meet him. He now lives in the Las Vegas area, he sat in the front seat of the car next to me and we talked about life in Las Vegas as we traveled to Phyllis McGuires to celebrate her birthday.

Knew what I wanted to do with this card, and adding lace and a ruffle was the natural embellishments. Used a template that was available on SCS to make the corset, covered the red corset with black lace and added a red ruffle that was made by sheer red ribbon, that was gathered and then glued to the top of the corset. The card needed something else so Iadded the swirls around the corset. The swirls were from Fiskars' Wedding clear stamps. Once I that was done, I wanted a great sentiment. Was going to use a line from the movie that Marilyn Monroe had made famous, but none fit the bill. Continued my search and watched some of the clips from the movie, and there it was. When Josephine (Tony Curtis) and Daphne (Jack Lemon) boarded the train, one of the other members of the band (all female) welcomed them by saying "Take off your corset and spread out!" Obviously this was perfect for the card.

The inside of the card was completed by using the lace punch from Martha Stewart and the swirls in the corners.

This was such a fun challenge and found myself laughing outloud while watching some of the clips and just remembering how fun the movie is, thanks for this challenge.


  1. Oh My Gosh, this is so creative! Love how you made the corset and the saying that you chose. Loved the story about driving Tony Curtis!

  2. Firstly, that is an amazing story of chatting with Tony Curtis, how cool. Secondly, your card is incredible. Thanks so much for going through the details, I'll have to look for that template on SCS. Take Care, Amy.

  3. LOVE that corset. What a great take on the challenge. I'm still pondering what to do, which means I may never get round to it!! Great idea using real lace, and the ruffle is perfect. Good luck!!

  4. WOW!! What a great story!! That is so sweet that he sat up front in the car and just talked about life in Vegas!! So glad that you shared that and played along!! I LOVE the corset and the ruffles - what a great composition - beautiful!

    Hope you had fun playing along with us - and we are so glad that you found our little group and played along!! I love this movie too and was totally laughing at some of the clips - I tell you the comedies these days have nothing on the classics!!

    Sending you best wishes and hope that you play along with us this week too!!!
    Sankari :)

  5. This is so much fun, Sue and I love your Tony Curtis story!



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