Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wayne Newton

Billy and I were able to check out the "Midnight Idol's" show last night. Gayle one of Billy's long time friends called to see if we would like to see the show. I had seen his show years and years ago when he was at the Frontier (which has been torn down and replaced by the Trump Towers). His show was at the MGM and believe it or not even though I have lived in Vegas for for 50 years, I had never been to a show at the new MGM Hotel, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to see a legend. We don't go to the strip very often, even though we both work in the transportation industry, you would think we would take in the sites more often, not true, as a resident you try to stay away from the strip as much as possible.

We met some other lady friends of Gayle's, Billy was the only gentlemen, so he was a little overwhelmed but handled the situation very well, I wouldn't have expected anything different. The show was great, lots of "oldie" but "goodie" songs. Wayne played the piano, guitar, fiddle (incredible), and the banjo.

After the show we went to have a bite to eat and walked around in a circle, literally, to find the Studio Cafe. The MGM is huge and we went in the wrong direction, finally found the resturant after taking the long way around. We spent time talking and laughing with friends, which we just don't do enough of, everyone is so busy in their lives it seems we just don't take the time to spend it with our friends. All in all we had a very nice time, thanks Gayle for asking us to see a marvelous show and especially to spend time with you!

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