Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Shower for Granddaughter Nicole

Yesterday we had a baby shower for Nicole, so much fun.  Family and friends attended and Nicole and Ron received some very nice gifts,they are so thankfull all the support they received from everyone.

Kaylene made 80 invitations using her Cricut she received for Christmas from Nicole and Ron (Nicole must have been planning this move for sometime! LOL)

The shower was held at The Clubhouse, a perfect location for a large number of people.  We added centerpieces, balloons, banner and a diaper cake for the festivities.

Nicole and Ron were so excited and went home with a full truck and had to put things in Kaylene's car also. 

Kaylene and Brian gave them a new rocker and Kaylene made camo covers and a throw to match the rocker.

Everyone had a lovely time, and Nicole and Ron thanked everyone for attending.
If you have a special event coming up and need a location The Clubhouse is available at a small fee, check out there blog here.


  1. What a great shower! Congratulations!

    Lucy x

  2. Congratulations! It seems you all had a great time. Wonderful projects for the baby shower.

  3. Love the creations - bet everyone had a great time!



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