Sunday, May 30, 2010


Maybe a day late, but this is what I was working on for a couple of weeks. Frank and his new bride are expecting a baby boy, oh happy day! This is Marcela's first and she had never had any kind of shower, so her loving husband ask if I would help him with a couples baby shower. Couldn't resist, as it has been along time since my kids were born and over 12 years since my last grandchild made his presence.

The invitations were very simple as it needed to be less frilly since the shower was for couples. Did a very easy easel card and printed the invitations on the computer. Used some pastel paper for the mat and add a couple of baby die cuts. Each invitation was a little different, but Frank was thrilled with them, and couldn't thank me enough.

One of our fellow workers wasn't able to make it to the shower, so he asked me to pick up some diapers. Couldn't just give packages of diapers, so with the help of Billy we made a diaper cake. This was so much fun, it was even more fun with Billy's help, this was definitely a first for him. We sat around the table and rolled diapers and had a great laugh.

Added ribbon and a few other baby items to the cake to finish it off. The favors for the guests were baby booties. I started with pastel blue cardstock and stamped the paper with a stamp that I found at Ben Franklins in Reno, it was only a $1 (love the bargains). Was going to leave it pretty plain, but found myself coloring in the flowers with felt tip markers. Added a bow on top and filled them with mints.

Had a couple of booties that didn't fit on the tray, so I used one for the cake top and added one to the bottom layer of the cake. This was so much fun to do and Frank and Marcela loved everything, they were so impressed which made me feel good.

Am off to work, worked late last night as the computer went down and will be working an extra day next week, am sure I won't be doing much crafting. Hope everyone is having an awesome Holiday weekend.


  1. What wonderful projects to make them feel special!

  2. You have done them proud...the diaper (or nappy as we english call them lol) cake looks super. Thanks for sharing with us

  3. You most certainly have done them proud. Very special to be asked to be part of this. Lynne M x

  4. Oh my gosh Sue, What a gift you gave her! So awesome. The cake and booties are just adorable. You should be really proud of yourself!



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