Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oh My! Pink and Purple

A special card and gift for one of the ladies at work. She loves the color purple, her car is even purple. On one of my trips to Utah, I found some wonderful beads at Hobby Lobby and ask my daughter (Kaylene) to make Gigi a beaded watch. This is the result, love it, know that she will also love it, not just because it is purple. The band can be changed to match your outfit, and she will be getting a different band for Christmas. These are such unique watches and can be personalized for anyone.

Thanks Kaylene for making such a perfect gift, know that Gigi is going to flip.

Of course it was necessary for me to make a birthday card, had a pink envelope and that is where the inspiration came from for this card. Used some patterned paper from Lasting Impressions and then the classic scalloped circles and ovals from Spellbinder. Would have never thought to put circles and ovals on the same card, I was always taught not to mix strips and plaids when growing up, so that is just the way my mind thinks. Years ago we would have never thought to mix patterns, in our clothing, but it is so excepted now that it is the norm, now I am telling my age.

The inside had to be a little funny, hence the quote from Lucille Ball---
The secret of staying young
is to live honestly, eat
slowly, and lie
about your age.
Used the classic oval once again to carry through the shapes on the front, and added the finishing touch of a flower in the corner. This was such a fun card to make and a one of a kind. I've been making 10 of all the cards I've been making lately, but wanted this one to be unique.
The only stamp used on this card was the Happy Birthday. Am so excited about giving Gigi her gift and card, can't wait to get to work. (I must be crazy!!)

Have a great weekend and crafty day.


  1. What a fabulous gift and a perfect card to go with it. Your daughter is just as talented as her mom!

  2. Definitely pretty in pink! What a lovely card!



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