Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flowers in Utah

Just a quick post. We are back from our trip to Utah, it seemed that we got there and had to return. Can you believe the only pictures I took were of flowers, that's because I don't have any here in Vegas. Thought you might like to see a couple.

The above picture is from my daughters front yard. She now has a garden, being raised in Las Vegas, this is totally out of the box for her.

The other two pictures are from my sisters yard. One of her favorite hobbies is gardening. Don't know how she does it, with all of her other projects. Helped her start a blog, she is just trying to get everything together, can't wait to see all of her beautiful projects.

Today is my Friday, so there are some new projects that I have on my to do list. Want to get a couple of challenges completed, that will be my focus on Tuesday and Wednesday. While in Utah I got some new stamps and papers, can't wait to try them, also new texture plates and stencils, can't wait.

Have a great Sunday.

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